The Journal of Insulin Resistance will focus on clinical care and advancing therapy for patients with insulin resistance related disorders, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis, Alzheimer’s dementia, sexual dysfunction and other related disorders. View our Editorial Team.

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Interpreting quantification: Is this the Achilles heel of insulin diagnostics?  
Caryn Zinn, Catherine Crofts
24 June 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol 4, No 1 (2019)  
Editorial Office
19 December 2019

Review Article

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, physical activity, yoga and telomere length: A literature review  
Reepa A. Ughreja, Reena A. Ughreja
10 September 2019

Review Article

The contribution of hyperinsulinemia to the hyperandrogenism of polycystic ovary syndrome  
Nadia B. Pateguana, Alvin Janes
02 July 2019

Original Research

Determining a diagnostic algorithm for hyperinsulinaemia  
Catherine A.P. Crofts, Grant Schofield, Mark C. Wheldon, Caryn Zinn, Joseph R. Kraft
26 June 2019

Original Research

Blood and cardiovascular health parameters after supplementing with ketone salts for six weeks  
Angelia M. Holland, Ahmed S. Qazi, Kristen N. Beasley, Hannah R. Bennett
24 April 2019

Original Research

Repeatability characteristics of insulin response patterns and measures of insulin resistance  
Catherine A.P. Crofts, Mark C. Wheldon, Caryn Zinn, Fabrice Merien, Grant Schofield
28 March 2019

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol 3, No 1 (2018)  
Editorial Office
14 December 2018

Original Research

Changes in organ and body weight, serum amylase and antidiabetic effects of tannins from Spondias mombin on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats  
Nkeiruka Eluehike, Iyere Onoagbe
03 December 2018

Reviewer Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to reviewers  
Editorial Office
28 November 2018
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Posted: 2022-01-27

Call for Papers: Topical Issue in 2022

We call on authors to participate in this years' volume. All contributors should consider topics that include but are not limited to pathophysiology, prevention, management and advancing therapy for different patient populations with insulin resistance and related disorders (obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis, Alzheimer's dementia, sexual dysfunction, amongst others). Read more on the AOSIS News Centre.  
Posted: 2022-01-27

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Vlog: Journal of Insulin Resistance re-established

Posted: 2022-01-27
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